Evgenia Nekrasova

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Skin. The novel written by the young Russian writer Evgenia Nekrasova is a story of two women, a black slave from the South of the U.S.A. and a Russian serf whose life stories overlap.

In the South of the U.S.A. a female slave is born and named Hope. Her mother tries to save her from the same fate as she herself has faced. However, they get separated and the new owner takes Hope away from America. Meanwhile in Russia a girl named Domna is born into a serf family and, being the youngest daughter, is cherished and spoilt. Than one day a carriage takes her away – her owner lost her in cards.

The two female characters meet somwhere in the middle of Russian plains and in a magic moment switch their skins. Thereupon a chain of events starts: the two protagonists try to liberate, buy out their loved ones and, last but not least, to revenge their suffering.

The original and stylistically bold novel by Evgenia Nekrasova deals with the issues of slavery and serfdom, emancipation and freedom, and in a broad sweep touches on the issues of the current Russian civil society, torn between the past and the future, the East and the West. The story flows in an original, soothingly fairy-tale-like style with elements of the fantastique.

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Author:Evgenia Nekrasova
Original title:КОЖА
Number of pages:296
Year of publication:2023
Issue number:1
Publication number:32
Translator:Alena Machoninová
Binding:paperback with flaps
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