Král Sobol aneb putování Mórice Beňovského

Jean-Christophe Rufin

To be published: March 2023

King Sable’s Trip Around the World. The novel is inspired by the life and the memoirs of the traveler Maurice Benyovszky (1746-1786), who is considered a national hero in Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia.

Benyovszky was born and raised in Verbó, Kingdom of Hungary. In 1769, while fighting for the Polish armies under the Bar Confederation, he was captured by the Russians and exiled to Kamchatka. He subsequently escaped and returned to Europe via Macau and Mauritius, arriving in France. In 1773, Benyovszky reached agreement with the French government to establish a trading post on Madagascar.

Neviditelná moc

Mafie a demokratická společnost od 19. do 20. století

Jacques de Saint Victor

To be published: May/June 2023

The Invisible Power. The Mafia and Democratic Society from the 19th to the 20th Century. The Mafia may have been born out of the ruins of the feudal system, but it only flourished with the rise of democracy and capitalism. It soon took root in Naples, Sicily and Calabria and owes its rise to the criminal pacts it made with some of the political and social elite—thus gradually building its invisible power and subverting the social order. The book by the renowned French legal historian, writer and literary critic Jaques de Saint Victor reconstructs the history of the mafias and their expansion on the European continent.

Antikomunistické manifesty

Čtyři knihy, které pohnuly studenou válkou

John V. Fleming

To be published: summer 2023

The Anti-Communist Manifestos. Four Books that Shaped the Cold War. After retiring from Princeton University Professor Fleming devoted himself to his hobby, namely book-binding. Thus he came across a long-forgotten American bestseller: Out of the Night by Jan Valtin. Keeping to his lifelong specialization which is comparative literature and his credo that quality is best seen through comparison he compared this literary discovery of his with two best-known books of this genre and one completely unknown.

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