Co skrývá Jeruzalém

Pohřbená historie nejvíce znesvářeného města světa

Andrew Lawler

Under Jerusalem. The Buried History of the World’s Most Contested City. The book traces the multilayered history of discovering the Jerusalem underground since mid-19th century up to present. The account of archaeological achievements and their political, cultural and religious impact is written with historical insight and storytelling gift of an experienced journalist. The story of a city tangled on all civilization levels from religious zeal through nationalist and power interests all the way to geographic conditions is told in a most unbiased manner. In a historical depiction of war – both metaphorical and literal – over the spiritual heritage belonging not only to the Christian civilization the author takes no parts.

The book Under Jerusalem takes the reader through tombs, tunnels and catacombs of the Holy City while featuring a range of notable personalities who have ever researched this underground landscape. Andrew Lawler with erudition and passion reveals how the research has determined the conflict over modern Jerusalem and simultaneously suggests that it could provide a guideline for peaceful coexistence of two nations and three religions.

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Author:Andrew Lawler
Original title:Under Jerusalem. The Buried History of the World’s
Most Contested City
Number of pages:424 + 8 pages of photo annex
Year of publication:2023
Issue number:1
Publication number:33.
Translator:Martin Pokorný
Binding:paperback with flaps
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