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Honoré de Balzac

Published: Q3/2022

One of the greatest French novelists, Balzac was also an accomplished writer of shorter fiction. Farewell and Other Stories includes seven of his finest short stories on a wide range of topics and fully demonstrates the mastery of suspense and revelation that were the hallmarks of Balzac’s genius.

Farewell depicts the horrors of wars and the mutilating effect of warfare on human lives.

The Secrets of the Princesse de Cadignan is a tale about a society woman who attempts to recycle her slightly seedy past by pursuing a minor literary figure of great probity and innocence.

In Melmoth Reconciled, a variation on the Faustian theme, Balzac meditates on subjects as life, love, destiny, guilt and faith.

Beginning with a romantic intrigue, Love in a Mask introduces a rather unusual topic of woman emancipation.

The novel The Red Inn represents the criminal genre and relates a brutal tale of murder and betrayal.

In The Atheist’s Mass, we learn the true reason for a distinguished atheist surgeon’s attendance at religious services.

Finally, A Passion in the Dessert is a brilliantly memorable story about the relation of nature and culture.

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