Lukeš, Igor


is a Professor of International Relations and History at Boston University’s Pardee School of Global Studies. His publications deal with the interwar period, the Cold War, and contemporary developments in East Central Europe and Russia. His Czech works are Československo mezi Stalinem a Hitlerem. Benešova cesta k Mnichovu (1999 and 2018) and Československo nad propastí. Selhání amerických diplomatů a tajných služeb v Praze 1945–1948 (2014). He is also the author of Rudolf Slansky. His Trials and Trial (2006) and co-author of The Munich Crisis, 1938. Prelude to World War II (1999), Inside the Apparat. Perspectives on the Soviet Union (1990) and Gorbachev’s USSR. A System in Crisis (1990). He was born in 1950 in Prague and grew up in Letná district in the shadow of the Stalin monument. He studied Philosophy and English at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. In the 1970s, he emigrated to the USA, where after further studies he obtained a PhD in International Relations. In 2012, he received the CIA award for “Outstanding Contribution to the Literature on Intelligence”.


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